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Why Mediation?

The effective mediator can defuse the situation and help the parties to see the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. Thus, realistic expectations replace emotion-based reactions. The mediator also provides a safe environment for the parties to hear each other and see the other side's legal and emotional positions. When parties can be objective and discuss the problem in a neutral setting, settlement usually follows. If not, they can proceed to trial or arbitration. All discussions are confidential and are settlement negotiations, thus neither party's case is weakened by mediation.

Parties' lawyers benefit too by establishing a reputation for quick, cost effective handling of what may be complex problems, and in much less time. Indeed, the issue may take minimal time, not years, to resolve, as can happen in litigation. Often, mediation takes a single day.

See Review and Comment for observations made by clients about my mediations


Mediating disputes ranging from torts to complex business and securities matters since 2008, with many hundreds of cases completed, and very few not settled.

Practicing law since 1971, my experience is very varied, covering decades of corporate law practice, including many years as general counsel of a major financial services company.

Experience includes employment as a business person for 8 years, and after 1971, as an attorney working on diverse matters, including:

  • Corporate governance
  • Securities investments and disputes
  • Finance and leasing of major income producing assets such as aircraft, rolling stock, wind and solar power assets, and other machinery and equipment
  • Consumer finance
  • International and domestic tax benefitted transactions
  • Insurance and reinsurance transactions
  • Secured and unsecured financings of tangible and intangible assets
  • Real estate acquisition, leasing and financing
  • Construction financing
  • Employment
  • Litigation relating to all of the above
  • Mediation and arbitration of cases involving disputes concerning personal injury, securities, and contract matters of many kinds

Mediator and Arbitrator for American Arbitration Association, FINRA, ADR Systems of America, several Illinois Counties. Director of International Academy of Dispute Resolution and member of Executive Committee and Treasurer of the Association of Attorney Mediators, Illinois Chapter.

Arbitrator for FINRA and several Illinois Counties. Arbitrations have involved many different kinds of cases, ranging from personal injury to very complex securities and contract disputes. Arbitration involves applying judgement to determine liability and damages, as would a judge in court. My many years of business and law experience, with exposure to a vast array of transactions and disputes, puts me in a unique position to render fair and prompt rulings.